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Margarat Nee

Creator of the zine Radical Pet, her first zine was OYA: a feminist rag, published in the mid 1990s. Margarat has an MFA degree from UCSD, & participated in various community arts projects before GZAGG. She also has her own business, The Art of Dog.

Kim Schwenk

Kim is creator of the zines Hunt & Gather, Cyclette, and Grrrl Noire. She is a Special Collections archivist and librarian at San Diego State University Special Collections & University Archives. She has worked in libraries for over 15 years.  Currently, she is involved with outreach and instruction using zines as social documents for Art & Design, Gender Studies, and Queer Studies students. You can read about her library here: She is also a folk herbalist and early medical science scholar. Herb shop: Of Oak and Ash Botanicals.

Grrrl Zines A-Go-Go – the name stands for a small group of women who organize zine workshops & events promoting empowerment through self-publishing. GZAGG started in 2002 after a few women got together to present a workshop at a womens radical art event in San Diego. The catalyst was Elke Zobl, founder of the Grrrl Zine Network. As a visiting graduate student from Austria, Elke networked with local zinesters in San Diego for her research. She hooked up with Margarat Nee, creator of Radical Pet, Oya, and Dogrrrl, Glue Magazine’s Claudia Lucero, Kim Schwenk, creator of Grrrl Noire and Cyclette, and Wives Tale’s creator Britton Neubacher. A few years later some had gone on to other projects, and Ari, writer of Metasynderine, joined the collective bringing her distro expertise.


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